Engrams - The Trilogy CD 1

by Akashik Record

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-- Begin Trancemission --

Akashik Record An Te Naes on Procyon Canis Minor System has encoded their latest transmission in the form of audible vibrational frequencies code name:

Engrams - The Trilogy is the third chapter Saga of this epic journey into the subconscious area of our brain already being upgraded to ultimately be completed during the galactic cosmic alignment..

The journey began with Engrams - Luminaria 2012 Released summer of 2003 continuing to Engrams - 2.1 released 2007, Engrams - The Trilogy was scheduled for release 2010 but as the music industry struggles to survive and physical CD's are the lowest in years we are proud to present the first of a new series of Digital Releases and Engrams - The Trilogy being our first one we hope and trust music freaks from all over the world will help independent labels and electronic artists spread high vibration trough dance floors around the world and supporting our special 21st century ritual we all have created!!

10101001011010 -- Trancemission Ended ---


released November 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Akashik Record San Francisco, California

Welcome to Akashik Records Earth servers relay uplink database, we are constantly uploading our galactic stream servers from the local group station near 05h 55m 10.3053s we have prepared this transmission in the form of high frequency resonance waves encrypted with pixel algorithms for your special frequency field..
Our lab has prepared for you earthlings a set of neural exercises for preparatio
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